Thursday, July 25, 2024

RES BTABS Version: 1.6

Welcome to the Broker Time and Billing System

The Broker Time and Billing System (BTABS) is an efficient and secure application for recording and managing time worked from the field. BTABS is accessible from anywhere in the world using any number of internet browsers. The system was designed with the Land/ Lease broker in mind and has all of the necessary tools to manage a company of any size. Such tools include Client Invoicing over a set billing period that can be adjusted from weekly, bimonthly or monthly; Broker Reports and Landman Time Reports that are compatible with Excel and are available instantly for printing; and creation of an XML version of your billing invoice for electronic submission. Data Encryption allows your data to be safely stored on our servers and it is never removed or archived.

To begin, Login using the user name and password assigned to you. If you do not have a user name and password then contact your company administrator.

Having trouble? Contact the Red Earth Systems support team at 405-301-8951, or email at

Visit the new Time and Billing Online Help page.

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